The VinOpera project sprang from Paolo Bergamo’s passion for the world of wine. It is a world he loves in all its manifestations, from planting vines to making the wine itself, and one he follows with close attention.

    VinOpera also has its roots in Paolo’s happy decision to carry forward the fascinating business launched in 1955 by his grandfather, Comm. Antonio Bergamo, and by his father Giuseppe.

    One of VinOpera’s main goals is to offer products of impeccable quality to the Italian and non-domestic markets by establishing close personal relationships, founded on good faith and mutual esteem, with commercial partners and consumers alike.

    VinOpera’s brands, Bervini and Ca’ Selva, present a range of wine types with differing sensory characteristics. Each bottle, however, shares a distinctive house style that foregrounds appeal, elegant complexity and – above all – an authentic sense of variety and provenance.